• 06-OCT-2014

Consumers get a 'Taste of Kia' with unique Korean-inspired dishes

Kia Motors announced today the launch of its latest sensory branding initiative, aimed at enhancing customer interaction with the brand. 'Taste of Kia' is a collaborative project with Michelin 3 star-awarded chef, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and his wife Marja Vongerichten, who have created a range of unique dishes to reflect and embody two of Kia's core brand identities: vibrant and distinctive.

The partnership between the renowned French chef and Kia has yielded two menus, based on global tastes and influenced by elements of Korean cuisine. Each of the menus employs distinctive and vibrant flavors and colors to reflect Kia's youthful and fresh image. Jean-Georges describes the dishes as "approachable but luxurious".