• 22-MAY-2014

Kia Improves Sustainability of Domestic Manufacturing Operations

Kia Motors has announced today that the brand's global vehicle production was greener and more sustainable in 2013 than at any point in the brand's history, despite growing sales and production levels around the world.

Kia's year-on-year global sales grew by 1.4% in 2013 to 2,746,643 units, yet an ongoing focus on improving sustainability across the brand's manufacturing facilities has led to a smaller environmental footprint.

Across the brand's three major vehicle manufacturing facilities in Korea – Hwasung, Sohari and Gwangju – a focus on recycling, employee initiatives, greater investment, reducing unit waste and heat capture technology has yielded reductions in carbon dioxide emissions, water consumption and waste materials. Combined, these three facilities produced 1.31 million cars in 2013 – around 46% of Kia Motors' total global production – and 1.26 million engines.