• 02-JUN-2014

Kia launches new global vehicle diagnostics system for workshops

Kia Motors has announced today details of its new mobile Global Diagnostics System (GDS-Mobile), which has been introduced to improve the level of customer service provided by the brand's expanding aftersales network.

The new GDS-Mobile system is the third generation of Kia's vehicle diagnostics system available to its dealers, and is the world's first mobile based 'total diagnostic solution' designed and optimized for use on mobile tablet devices.

The new system will allow the brand's highly-trained vehicle technicians to more quickly and more effectively identify any faults with customer vehicles. Wireless connectivity and Bluetooth® support allow technicians to move around a vehicle, instead of having to return to a fixed heavy diagnostic computer or move a cart around the workshop. GDS-Mobile doesn't necessarily require a wire to connect to a vehicle, as the Compact Vehicle Communication Interface provides Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi Direct® functions.