• 07-MAR-2013

Kia Motors global sales up 4.5% through February

Kia Motors Corporation announced today its global sales figures (export sales, domestic sales and sales from overseas plants) for passenger cars, recreational vehicles (RVs) and commercial vehicles through February 2013, recording a total of 408,822 units sold. This figure represents a 4.5% year-on-year increase for the first two months of 2013.

In February, Kia posted a year-on-year sales increase in Europe of 3.1% (39,861 units sold) along with positive gains in General Markets* of 2.9% (40,647 units sold) and China of 1.7% (38,660 units sold). North America and Kia's domestic market of Korea had a year-on-year sales decreases of 8.1% (45,666 units sold) and 17.8% (32,900 units sold), respectively.