• 02-JAN-2019

Kia Motors posts 2.4% increase in 2018 global sales

Kia Emblem
Kia Motors Corporation today announced its 2018 full-year global sales figures for passenger cars, recreational vehicles (RVs) and commercial vehicles, recording a total of 2,812,200 units sold, or a 2.4% increase from the previous year.
Kia posted a year-on-year increase of 1.9% (531,700 units sold) and 2.5% (2,280,500 units sold) in Korea and overseas markets, respectively.
In December, the company sold a total of 241,119 units globally, which represents an increase of 6.3% compared with the same month last year. Overseas sales totaled 198,999 units, rising 10.3% from a year earlier.
Kia’s globally best-selling model in 2018 was the Sportage compact SUV with 501,367 units sold. The Rio (known as ‘K2’ in China and ‘Pride’ in Korea) was the second best seller with 355,852 units sold, followed by the K3 compact sedan (known as ‘Forte’ in some markets) with 328,504 units sold.
Kia today also announced its global sales target for the new year at 2.92 million units.