• 02-NOV-2012

Kia Rio catches Red Nose Day raffle winner by surprise

The winner of the 2012 SIDS and Kids Red Nose Day Raffle was caught completely by surprise when she was told she had won a brand new Kia Rio S.

When Melita Spackman received the call from SIDS and Kids, she was overjoyed but then announced "but I don't have a driver's licence!"

In fact Melita and daughter Ebony are both unlicenced but the win has motivated mother and daughter to learn to drive so they can enjoy their grand prize.

"We just love the car. It's bright red and looks great," said Ms Spackman.

"Ebony and I are really looking forward to learning how to drive and eventually getting our licence in our new car. The fact that it is an auto and so compact should make it even easier."

Kia Motors Australia President and Chief Executive Officer Charlie Kim, said being involved with a charity like SIDS and Kids and Red Nose Day is an honour for Kia.

"I think we have an obligation to go one step further and help organisations in the community that assist people who are exposed to such indiscriminate trauma, such as losing a child to SIDS," Mr Kim said.

"A new-born baby is a symbol of innocence, so to see the work that SIDS and Kids has done over the years by reducing the number of SIDS related fatalities by 80% since 1989, is commendable. Since their Risk Reduction Campaign commenced they have saved an estimated 7500 young lives. We are proud to help lift the profile of such a valuable organisation."

Apart from the long list of safety features, the Spackman's new Rio also comes standard with Hill Start Assist, a four speaker audio system with iPod and Bluetooth connectivity with remote steering wheel controls.

SIDS and Kids 2013 Red Nose Day will be held on June 28, the last Friday of the month.