• 12-AUG-2013

Kia Stays On Track

In a market showing all the energetic excitement of change and uncertainty, Kia Motors Australia has continued to punch out solid business plan new car sales numbers.

With the overall market running at 4.6 per cent ahead of 2012, Kia is maintaining focus and building a strong springboard for the anticipated challenging months running up to the Federal Election and the end of the year.

"We have maintained a pleasing 2.7 per cent market share year to date and with July sales of 2410, Kia is right on target to meet our business plans for the year," Kia Motors Australia Chief Operating Officer, Tony Barlow, said.

"The fact that this has been possible without the availability of the all-new Cerato Hatch _ a car that makes up a significant amount of sales for us in the largest segment in the Australian market _ is a testament to Kia's overall model range."

The new Cerato Hatch will join its sedan design-mate this month and is expected to provide significant sales momentum in coming months.

Mr Barlow said it was also a strong positive for Kia that sales of the Sportage compact SUV had continued to strengthen following the launch of the European-sourced Series 2 model.